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Julita & Paula are two young Polish violinists. As one might easily guess they are sisters.

The elder sister, Julita Sokolowska, is 24 years old and currently studies at the Musical Academy in Warsaw, Poland. Paula (or to be more precise Paulina) is 3 years younger and studies at the same Academy.

Their family also includes two more sisters and a brother. One of the sisters plays oboe, while the others play (what a surprice) violin.

Julita's first instrument was piano, but she switched to the violin pretty fast (which reminds us some other famous violinist, BTW).

Julita & Paula play together since early childhood, and perfectly understand each other, despite the musical differences. As they say Julita's play is rather emotional and romantic, while Paula's play is a pure energy. Apparently mixing such different approaches makes their music more interesting.

Julita & Paula said in a recent interview that they have a lot of new ideas for future recordings, so I guess we should probably watch out for their second LP some time next year (this means 1999; as it appears Sony deleys it as hell).

In the meantime Sony released a Christmas special LP entitled "Koledowanie Julity & Pauli". The CD is filled with traditional polish carrols (the only exception being Silent Night) arranged in a "J&P" way. Some of the recordings feature vocals (performed by the sisters themselves), some feature folkish tunes. Also, J&P are helped by the rest of their musical family.

Despite poor (IMHO) promotion and not too brilliant sales (at least that's what I've noticed), Julita & Paula LP has gone gold in first two months of it's sales. Keep it up, girls!

[ Sokolowski family ]
Sokolowski family (left to right): Julita, Agnieszka, Katarzyna, Pawel, Paulina

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